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  • About SLOAN

    Are you a local business or national brand looking for broad reach and millions of impressions in Sacramento with one strategic buy? If so, SLOAN is your solution. SLOAN stands for the Sacramento Local Online Ad Network. Welcome to a simple & effective way to buy digital media in the region.

    This is a turn-key process to digital advertising reach for the entire Sacramento region. As seen in the Sacramento Business Journal. Don't miss your opportunity to be in on the ground floor.

    SLOAN. Changing The Way You Buy Digital Media In Sacramento.

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Welcome to SLOAN! We are so excited to bring SLOAN to the Sacramento area. Our passion isĀ  to build a healthy media ecosystem in Sacramento. We have already brought together premier independent, local publishers in the Greater Sacramento Area to create a powerful and efficient way for national and local brands to buy digital media. Today is not only another big day for SLOAN, it’s a great moment in the evolution of the Sacramento digital and advertising landscape. SLOAN is the Sacramento Local Online Ad Network. In essence, it is a powerful coalition of local, online publishers who bundle their traffic so that our sales team can efficiently offer one efficient buy to advertisers. Rather than working with 25+ different web sites on a campaign, a company can work with one point of contact, deliver one set of creative, and SLOAN serves it up to all the sites, with detailed reporting. It’s a tremendous offering. We hope you enjoy the launch of SLOAN and our new site, as this is truly a revolutionary moment for Sacramento’s media...